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Compound Electric Drilling Rig

4000m Compound Electric Drilling Rig

The compound electric drilling rig is also known as electromechanical rig.

Main Features
1. We utilize mechanical transmission system for main parts of this compound electric drilling rig, so as to provide easy maintenance and control, as well as exceptional price/performance ratio.

2. Drilling power of this compound rig is supplied by 3 diesel engines featuring belt compound solution, whereby our drilling machine is renowned for minimized cost and noise generation.

3. Drawworks is installed at lower place for being readily deployed. Moreover, main brake for the drawworks on this compound electric drilling rig is hydraulic disc brake, thus offering large torque and reliable performance.

Nominal Drilling Depth 4000m (114mm Drilling Rod) Quantity and Power of Drilling Pump 2×1300hp
3200m (127mm Drilling Rod) Substructure Type Telescoping
Max. Hook Load 2250kN Substructure height and clear height under RT beam 7.5m, 6.3m
Rope System of Travelling System 5×6, Parallel Mast type and effective height K-Shaped, 43m
Rated Power of Drawworks 735kW (745kW)
Transmission Mode Hydraulic Transmission + Belt Compound
Gear Number of Drawworks 4F+2R Main Diesel Engine Model/Power 3×810kW
Diameter of Drilling Wire Rope Φ32mm Quantity and power of VF motor 2×400kW
Opening Diameter of Rotary Table 698.5mm (27 1/2″) High Pressure Mud Manifold Φ102mm (Drift Diameter) × 35MPa
Gear Number of Rotary Table 4F+2R Effective mud volume of solid control system 260m3
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