Drilling Rig

    1. Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

      Our walking rig is able to perform functions of display, store, regulation and remote management of heavy duty drilling rig parameters, whereby drastically enhancing operation efficiency and reducing workload.

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    1. Truck Mounted Drilling RigThis drilling equipment is fitted with 14×8 enhanced substructure offering remarkable off-road capability.
    1. Mechanical Drilling RigIn the transmission system of our drilling machinery involves the utilization of universal shaft for connection of all parts, whereby customers avail from simplified installation and disassembly.
    1. DC Electric Drilling Rig

      Our drilling equipment is endowed with the capability of displaying, storing, regulation and remote management of key drilling parameters.

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    1. Compound Electric Drilling RigDrawworks is installed at lower place for being readily deployed. Moreover, main brake for the drawworks on this compound electric drilling rig is hydraulic disc brake, thus offering large torque and reliable performance.