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Compound Box for Drilling Rig

The compound box is the key component of drilling rig, and is mainly used for power transmission and distribution. The product has two types which are belt transmission and chain transmission.

Our compound box for drilling rig adopts mechanical labyrinth seal and forced lubrication. The product has the compact structure, and features easy operation and high stability. Besides, air shafts are pre-set at the bottom.

Working mechanism
This compound box for drilling rig consists of a rotary chain box, three input shafts and three output shafts. Powered by three diesel engines, the power passes through hydraulic torque converter to the three input shafts. Then the power is distributed to three output shafts in the compound transmission unit, thus driving two mud pumps and draw-works.

Structure feature
1. Main wall plates for our compound box adopt high-ranking steel. The roof is the welding combination of one piece steel plate and main wall plates, thus providing amazing rigidity and stability.

2. Girders at the bottom are made of profile steel, and wall plates are welded on two girders in the middle. This feature enhances the durability of the compound box.

3. Main chain drive employs roller chain specially designed for petroleum industry. This kind of chain drive features smaller pitch and multi plates, thus delivering dependable transmission with less vibration.

4. Several openings are set on the roof for convenient chain installation and maintenance. Besides, there are also oil sink and baffle plate placed at openings. Oil resistant rubber strips are adopted for sealing, ensuring long service life.

Model ZJ30L ZJ40L ZJ50L ZJ70L
Rated input power 1620kW 2357kW 2400kW 2558kW
Compound ratio 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1
Compound chain 8×13/4" 8×13/4" 8×13/4" 8×13/4"
Pump driving chain 8×13/4" 8×13/4" 8×13/4" 8×13/4"
Pump driving power 2×735kW 2×960kW 2×960kW 2×1180kW
Draw-works driving power 560kW 735kW 1100kW 1470kW

Related Names
Compound Transmission Unit for Oil Drilling Rig | Compound Transmission Unit

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