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Air-Cooled Eddy Current Brake

Based on the advanced technology from abroad, our air-cooled eddy current brake is designed in accordance with the characteristics and application needs of oil fields home and abroad. Therefore,our product provides the drilling bit with strong and non-abrasion brake during the process of drilling a borehole. The brake force is changeable which enables the drilling tool to have a stable and smooth contact with the rotary table. So the whole drilling process almost can de done without application of the main brake.

Our air-cooled eddy current brake meets the requirements from desert to arctic environment, and has been highly recognized by drillers.

1. Comprehensive design. This electromagnetic brake combines the superior performance of water-cooled design with the high efficiency from the air-cooled brake. Meanwhile, it avoids the freezing problem of water cooling system.

2. Less problems.This non-abrasion brake adopts air cooling system instead of water cooling. This is a great choice, because there will be no complicated negative impacts and problems caused by water resource, quality and temperature. The drilling machine is free from annoying troubles such as incrustations, jam, frost cracking and tedious structure.

3. Superior brake.Our air-cooled eddy current brake has a brake torque of 130000Nm, which delivers stable brake performance.

4. Free adjustment.This variable speed brake offers free speed control. During the drilling process, the drilling tool can be accelerated, decelerated or constantly at the same level of speed.

5. Cost effective.Due to the auxiliary brake, the brake band and rim of the main brake is protected from large amount of abrasion. The service life is lengthened which delivers less maintenance cost.

6. Social benefits. The reduced labor intensity and easy maintenance delivers positive influence to drillers. Besides, it creates less pollution to environment.

Model DSF-70 DSF-50
Rated brake torque 130000Nm 55000Nm
Suitable well depth (with5’’KP) 7000m 5000m
Coil number 4 4
Coil insulation class H H
Max. exciting power 28kW 15kW
Max. exciting current 80A 45A
Working principle Induction eddy current brake Induction eddy current brake
Weight (with control unit) 12800kg 7280kg
External size 1600×2006×2200 2598×1850×1613
Applicable rig 70 drilling rig 50 drilling rig
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