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    1. Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

      Our walking rig is able to perform functions of display, store, regulation and remote management of heavy duty drilling rig parameters, whereby drastically enhancing operation efficiency and reducing workload.

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    1. Truck Mounted Drilling RigThis drilling equipment is fitted with 14×8 enhanced substructure offering remarkable off-road capability.
    1. Mechanical Drilling RigIn the transmission system of our drilling machinery involves the utilization of universal shaft for connection of all parts, whereby customers avail from simplified installation and disassembly.
    1. DC Electric Drilling Rig

      Our drilling equipment is endowed with the capability of displaying, storing, regulation and remote management of key drilling parameters.

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    1. Drilling Rig with Independently Driven Rotary TableOur drill machine offers similar performance as digital control variable frequency rig yet in a more cost effective manner.
    1. Compound Electric Drilling RigDrawworks is installed at lower place for being readily deployed. Moreover, main brake for the drawworks on this compound electric drilling rig is hydraulic disc brake, thus offering large torque and reliable performance.
    1. Variable Frequency Electric Driven Drilling RigCustomers benefit from reliable performance, exceptional transport efficiency, cost effectiveness and HSE compliance.
    1. Compound Box for Drilling RigOur compound box for drilling rig adopts mechanical labyrinth seal and forced lubrication. The product has the compact structure, and features easy operation and high stability. Besides, air shafts are pre-set at the bottom
    1. Eddy Current Brake
    1. Mud Agitator

      This impeller-type mixer is mainly applied to mix the drilling fluids, so that to avoid the solids deposit on the bottom of the mud tank and enhance the performance of the drilling fluids.
      The mud agitator, whose power is under 5.5kW, normally adopts cycloidal speed reducer. So the compacted structure brings smaller size. Meanwhile, the driller mixer with over 7.5kW power is fitted with the turbine worm gear reducer, which delivers large torque, stable performance and high reliability.

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    1. Mud Pump

      We mainly supply 3NBF series mud pump. This product is horizontal triplex direct drive, and there are many models available such as 3NBF-1300 and 3NBF-1600, etc. The gear shaft is directly driven by this type of motor, avoiding the transmission part in traditional system. So our product has more compacted structure, higher drilling efficiency and less energy consumption.

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    1. Rotary TableThis quality-ensured drilling rig accessory is exported to many countries and regions such as America, Canada, Middle East and Southeast Asia, etc. Our product is available in series of ZP175, ZP205, ZP275, ZP375 and ZP495, etc. High precision. The bevel gear of the rotary table is processed by the Gleason bevel gear machine which promotes the meshing and precision.
    1. Other Components
    1. Drawworks