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Typical Cases

Case of drilling rig components

The eddy current brake is widely applied as the auxiliary brake for the draw-works of drilling rig. However, the available eddy current brake generates extreme heat during operation. The heat brings damage to the brake torque, and promotes the production of condensed water in the sealed cover of coil. The insulation part of exciting coil would be of rapid aging. The problem is worse in Chinese desert areas and Middle East where the highest temperature reaches 50℃ to 60℃.

With the commitment to offer timely and efficient troubleshooting, our talented engineers invent a new type of eddy current brake. This advanced model combines water with oil and offers forced cooling function at the same time. As a result, no condensed water is conducted in the seal cover, and the new brake can constantly be in the working state to facilitate the drilling process.

This oil-immersed water-cooled eddy current brake is rugged designed to meet most of the application needs. So it is very popular with our clients. Besides, we applied for and achieved the patent of this product.