Chengdu COBRA Trading Co., Ltd.

Add.: No. 323, Shi Ji Avenue, Economic Development Zone, Chongzhou, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

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Company Profile

COBRA is an export-oriented corporation that is formed by a professional team of young, versatile, and vigorous members. As a China-based operation, we can provide overseas customers with top-grade drilling rigs and specialized parts for oilfield drilling equipment. Our main products include the trailer mounted drilling rig, truck mounted drilling rig, mechanical drilling rig, as well as drilling rig components such as the eddy current brake, mud agitator, mud pump, rotary table, etc. Superior quality and outstanding service have garnered us the trust of customers both at home and abroad. Be sure to browse our full catalogue for great prices on general mechanical and electrical products such as engineering, agricultural, and light-industry machinery!

COBRA is headquartered within the industrial city of Chengdu, China. A strong presence in West China formed an excellent foundation for our globalization. We now maintain long-term business relations with customers in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Successful cooperation has also been established with local manufacturers of oilfield drilling machinery. We seek to bring our high cost-performance products to clients from all over the world.

Drilling rigs and drilling rig components offered by our company are of internationally advanced levels. We foster long-term cooperation with dedicated manufacturers to obtain the most competitive prices for highly qualified products. These price incentives are then passed onto our valued customers.

Our solid reputation is forged from consistent quality and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Guided by ingenuity, we strive to become the leading consultation and sourcing corporation in mainland China. Our goal is to engage in mutually beneficial business arrangements that can lead to win-win scenarios.

Corporate Vision
As a developing enterprise, we plan to significantly strengthen our sales taskforce and business horizons over the next 3 years. We are a designated distributor that seeks to complete the industrial supply chain. A specialization in oilfield machinery will undoubtedly provide us with even greater cooperative opportunities in the future. Our products include drilling rig components, borehole operation equipment, as well as onshore and offshore oil production equipment. Exclusive promotion of premium domestic products allows us to provide overseas customers with clear solutions and outstanding service.

Quality Control
While COBRA possesses enormous growth potential, product quality is always prioritized. All of our affiliated suppliers have undergone extensive screening. Their products are thoroughly inspected. The chosen candidates must carry relevant certificates for standards including CE and API. Product patents as well as quality and environment-related certificates are also verified. With each order, our company will dispatch professional consultants for on-site regulation, i.e., unscheduled inspection and technology audit. This technique allows us to further ensure product quality.

Environment Protection
As global environment conditions continues to deteriorate, we strive to contribute toward its protection with energy-efficient products. Our internal combustion engines are all on par with the latest European emission standards. These products utilize small-displacement gasoline engines that are much more efficient than traditional diesel engines. Benefits include reduced noise and low CO2 emissions.

Our metallurgic processes implements electrical heating instead of coal heating. This energy-efficient alternative yields no carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, or other harmful gases.

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