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Advantage of Drilling Rig Components

1. Cost effectiveness
We cooperate with enterprises located in the manufacture basement of oilfield drilling rig components in Western China. Through decades of development and manufacture, there is complete and advanced business system. Therefore, we are provided with low labor cost, rich resource, strong research and development ability, as well as reduced production and transportation cost. Therefore, our drilling rig components have significant competitiveness in price.

2. Ensured quality
The drilling rig components are the core part of our business. Our partners have many years of manufacture experience. 20 years ago, our partners participated in the outsourcing production of the first drilling pump for the Chinese largest oilfield drilling machinery manufacturer at the time. Based on our long running history and constant technology update, we are the parts supplier for Chinese best oilfield drilling machinery manufacturers.

3. Timely delivery
On the basis of long-term cooperation with Chinese large oilfield drilling machinery manufacturers, we are surely capable of offering more superior delivery.