Chengdu COBRA Trading Co., Ltd.

Add.: No. 323, Shi Ji Avenue, Economic Development Zone, Chongzhou, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Tel: +86-28-64367210
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Service and Support

1. Integrated support.
With the establishment of partnership, we will send our staff to offer supportive service to each client, covering every step from delivery, installation, testing and operation. In order to ensure the long-term stable performance of our drilling rig and drilling rig components, we offer free training for better and safer user experience.

2. Regular return visit.
After clients’ purchase, we will pay return visit at regular intervals to clients or distributors. We will get to know the operation status of our products, and deliver timely troubleshooting to ensure the stable performance.

3. Efficient troubleshooting.
If problems occur, we will get in touch with our customers as soon as possible. We will use telephones, emails or fax to solve the problem in the first place. If further handling is needed, we will send our engineers to provide on-site service. Additionally, as for drilling rig components, our company has special team to offer after-sale service.

4. Sufficient supply.
We are committed to help our clients to reduce cost in every possible way. So, we particularly have bulk storage of accessories and wearing parts. As a result, we are capable to deliver the parts to customers in need at the fastest speed.

5. Free offer.
If the damage occurs to non-consumable parts in a natural way within the warranty period, we offer free spare parts, and the freight is on us.